Alexander Kovalkovas

About me

I'm Alex, a recent graduate from Queen Mary University of London. I'm 22 and have a 2:1 in Computer Science.

The purpose of this website is to have a place where I can showcase projects I have worked on during my time at University. I also have a section dedicated to miniprojects I have done in my spare time which are in the personal projects tab. The aim is to update this section regularly as I mess around with new programs or languages.

My most experienced language is Java which I have used in numerous projects throughout University, an example being implementing a string collection class. This project involved me having to use the knowledge I had at that point on Java and doing my own research into finding out the most efficient solution on using operations on generated words, and then writing a paper on it. More on this on the university projects page.

I've also used PHP, C#, Python, JS, HTML and CSS, while using tools like NetBeans, MS Visual Studio, Unity, JBuilder, Sublime 3, Dreamweaver, MySQL, Visual Paradigm.

Currently my focus is to improve my Python skills by redoing my older university projects in Python instead of Java.

Outside of CS, I enjoy traveling, mostly to eastern European countries. Currently I have plans to visit places like Prague, Slovakia and Hungary with possibly more on the way. I have already been to places like The Netherlands, Slovakia, (briefly) Prague, and all around the UK.

I have a LinkedIn account and a CV.