Alexander Kovalkovas

Personal Projects

This section is where I talk about some of the projects I do at home related to Computer Science. Most of the descriptions will be very brief or in progress.


One of the most recent projects I worked on was creating casino games in Java, I first started with Blackjack.

Blackjack java code

It functions like a normal Blackjack game but now playable in the cmd console. It was written in my spare time to make sure I was reinforcing the knowledge I had on Java and not taking long breaks from programming.

Blackjack running in console

The program uses numerous methods, arrays, loops and conditions which is why I believed it was a great program to work on. The next game I plan on working on is a roulette game.

Unity Driving Game

I once played around with Unity to create a driving game. This was done due to a previous game I played that I wanted to recreate in Unity and the first step was matching the car mechanics.

Unity screenshot

Using C# I programmed the physics, trying to get it to match the target game. I even compared the default driving mechanics that you get with Unity and tried to improve on it.

Unity code

This project will likely never be completed however it was useful to play around in Unity seeing all the different ways you can get an object to move.

This Website!

This website was born from an interest to have somewhere I can show off my projects and have a type of electronic portfolio.

Htaccess code

It's very basic, only using HTML and CSS. There is no need for Javascript or PHP due to me wanting to keep it as simple as possible. The domain, hosting and SSL certificate are from GoDaddy. The only other programming involved in the website is the htaccess file used to get rid of extensions and force https.

Python Projects

I hadn't used Python very often in University but it is a language I would like to become better at. What I decided was to practise it at home by searching up some projects online, and completing them using Python.